Leonie Cooper Reports

Leonie Cooper AM was elected to the London Assembly in May 2016. Currently, she is the Assembly’s Chair of the Economy Committee since May 2019. She also leads for Labour on the Environment, Chairing the Assembly’s Environment Committee from 2016-2018, Deputy Chair 2018-2021. Under her leadership, the Committee has produced reports with recommendations on how to reduce single-use plastic bottle waste in London, how to tackle Londoners’ fuel poverty, how London’s parks and open spaces can be maintained despite budget cuts, and on how to promote the circular economy.

She produced her own report for the Assembly Housing Committee on biodiversity in new housing developments. Prior to her election in May 2016, Leonie worked in the field of environmental sustainability and campaigned on air quality – an issue she has continued to work on since being elected. In 2019, Leonie became Chair of the Economy Committee, which has since then produced its first-ever report on the Skills required for the Low-Carbon, Circular Economy, as well as looking at Food Insecurity, the Mayor’s Economic achievements and the impact of Brexit. During 2020, the Committee has focused on the economic impacts of the pandemic on businesses, on Londoners, on the high streets and on trade in the pre-Christmas period.